Blue bird Mike

Wednesday 6th of December 2017

Blue-bird-Mike NEW

Papa rabbit was jolted by the screeching.

It was little blue bird Mike.

Mike was perched on a store rack.

It was crying continuously.

“Please take my side,” he was pleading with Papa.

He was making a complaint against Papa’s cousin.

Cousin Ralph had had a mushroom.

Mike says it was its seat.

“I sang songs while seated on top of it everyday” the bird said between sobs.

“Ralph the Rabbit had eaten it this morning” he added wailing.

Papa called Mama Rabbit.

He asked Mama to mind the store for half an hour.

After that he left for the meadow with Mike.

By the time they arrived there was a big gathering.

Cousin Ralph came running when he saw Papa.

“Brother, the mushroom wasn’t in their garden” he insisted.

“Still it was my seat, I used to sing on it” Mike argued.

Papa was wondering what to do.

He knew that Mike’s argument was silly.

However he was worried.

“Blue birds will say I favoured my cousin” Papa thought.

Just then someone emerged from the crowd.

It was the blue bird grandfather.

He turned towards Papa.

“Don’t listen to our silly boy” he told Papa.

“How come he makes a claim for all trees and mushrooms that he sings on?” grandpa blue bird asked.

It was exactly what Papa too thought.

He was relieved.

The crowd started dispersing.

Mike started howling and crying.

Papa felt sorry for him.

“Come with me Mike” he said.

“I will give you a nice cupcake that Mama Rabbit has made” Papa promised.

Mike continued to cry, but he landed on Papa’s shoulder.

They both left towards grocery store.