Children’s Fair

Wednesday 15th of November 2017

Children's fair

The fair was a roaring success.

The toy bicycles were everybody’s favourite.

There was a big demand for them.

All three cycles were bought at the inception of the fair.

Charlie, Chubby and Willy were praised by everyone.

The three were presented with two story books each as gifts.

‘They look nice, don’t they?” Curly asked Sweety.

Sweety nodded her head.

She kept Willy’s secret.

So Curly didn’t know about the bicycles till the fair began.

The mugs made by the girls were bought by the fox family.

Curly and Sweety got pencil boxes in return.

However Sweety was feeling a little bad.

She was wondering whether she did the right thing by keeping the secret.

After the fair everyone left for their homes.

At home Sweety’s mother noticed that Sweety was silent.

“Why Darling” mother inquired.

Sweety related her problem.

“No dear you haven’t done anything wrong” mother explained.

Then she called Willy and told him how his sister kept the secret.

Willy was surprised.

He realized that Sweety had made a small sacrifice for his sake.

Willy didn’t expect Sweety to do something like that.

He brought one of the story books he received at the fair.

“Here take this” he said handing it over to Sweety.

It had a nice cover with a group of birds under a mushroom.

Sweety beamed.

“Thank you” she said accepting the gift.