Sweety’s Problem

Wednesday 8th of November 2017

Sweety's-problem New

Sweety woke up in the morning.

She went looking for her mother.

Mother was preparing breakfast.

“Mama I heard what Willy said last night” Sweety said sheepishly.

“What?” asked Mama.

Mama had already forgotten what Willy had told her.

“About toy bicycles they are making for the fair” Sweety said triumphantly.

Mama turned towards Sweety.

“I hadn’t fallen asleep when he said that” Sweety added smiling.

Mama smiled, but she looked worried.

“Willy will get really upset Sweety” a worrisome Mama said.

“He might think that I had told you” she explained.

“Don’t worry I am going to tell him that I heard it” Sweety assured.

Mama shook her head.

She wasn’t happy.

“Please don’t spoil his fun Sweety” Mama pleaded.

“If you are a good sister keep that secret” requested Mama.

“He will get very upset otherwise” she pointed out to Sweety.

Sweety thought about it.

She realized what Mama had said was true.

Sweety was waiting to break the news to Curly.

Curly, the rabbit girl is her best friend.

Curly had been a caring, helpful friend to Sweety.

Sweety thought that keeping a secret from Curly is also not fair.

She was wondering what to do.