Willy’s Secret

Wednesday 1st of November 2017


Sweety was very sleepy.

The whole day she and Curly had been making mugs.

By evening they were both very tired.

Sweety returned home and had a shower.

Afterwards she had an early dinner and curled up in bed.

As her eyes were closing she heard a voice.

“Has Sweety gone to sleep Mama?”

That was her brother Willy.

“Yes, poor girl. She looked very tired” Mama Monkey replied.

There was silence for a few seconds.

“Do you know what we did today?” Willy asked Mama.

“What else, you were riding Chubby’s bicycle” Mama said dismissively.

“Wrong. We made toy bicycles for the fair” a jubilant Willy said.

“Where did you make them?” a surprised Mama asked.

“At Chubby’s place” Willy said.

Sweety flashed a smile under the quilt.

“So this is what they have been doing” she thought.

Mama started fussing over Willy’s dinner.

“Don’t leave out leaves. They are nutritious” she told Willy.

“We got scraps of wood from carpenter uncle” Willy started explaining.

“He gave us round pieces too, for the wheels” he said gladly.

“Mama you should see the bicycles” a happy Willy said.

“We have painted them in nice colours” he added.

Sweety was getting a bit jealous.

She and Curly hadn’ painted their mugs.

She decided to talk to Curly about painting them.

 “Mama, now please don’t tell Sweety about our toys” Willy pleaded.

“It should be a surprise. Sweety will tell everyone” he said.

 “Ok Ok” Mama promised.