Clay Cups

Wednesday 18th of October 2017

Clay-cup New

Curly and Sweety sat at the backyard of the rabbit house.

They were supposed to make clay cups.

The cups were for the children’s fair.

It was to be held the following weekend.

There was a mound of clay in the backyard.

The two girls started making the cups.

It took about an hour for them to make a good cup.

They could make only three cups by noon.

Mama Rabbit called both girls for lunch.

“Let’s make the balance two after lunch” Curly said.

Sweety agreed.

They both went to the well and cleaned themselves up.

 “Where is Charlie?” Curly asked Mama, while sitting down for lunch.

“He was cycling with Willy and Chubby” Mama said.

The two girls started having lunch.

They loved the pasta that Mama Rabbit had made.


That was a bicycle bell.

“Here they come” Mama said.

Curly looked at them through the window.

To her horror she saw that the boys were riding towards the backyard.

Curly got up and ran through the pantry door.

“Stop, stop” she yelled.

Chubby who was riding the bicycle looked at her.

He wondered why Curly was trying to stop them.

While trying to figure out the matter Chubby lost his balance.

 All three boys fell on the ground with the bicycle.