Curly’s Run

Wednesday 11th of October 2017


Curly, the monkey daughter, walked towards the deer house.

Her brother Charlie and Chubby were busy cycling.

They wouldn’t let Curly ride.

She was disappointed.

Curly wandered around the deer garden.

She sat near the pond.

It looked nice today.

There were two lotuses in the pond.


All of a sudden something big fell in to the pond.

Water was splashed all over Curly.

Curly was stunned.

She picked up courage and ran towards the deer house.

She heard somebody running behind her.

“Help Help….” Curly shouted.

Charlie and Chubby stopped cycling.

Curly stepped on to the verandah of the deer house.

When she looked back she saw Willy, the monkey boy.

Willy was laughing non-stop.

“What happened?” Charlie and Chubby asked.

 “I just threw a rock into the pond” he said.

“Curly started running” he added still laughing loud.

Curly was angry.

“I will tell monkey mama what you did,” she warned.

“Don’t be wicked, will let you ride the bicycle” Charlie suggested.

Curly smiled.

She surely couldn’t say no to such an offer.