The Fun Ride

Sunday 8th of October 2017

Fun-ride-New (1)

Charlie had just finished his lunch.

Mama had made a spicy mushroom pie.

Charlie found it bit too spicy.

So he walked towards Papa’s grocery.

He wanted to have a few milk toffees.

The grocery was packed with customers.

Papa rabbit was talking to Papa deer.

When Papa deer saw Charlie he broke the news.

“Hello Charlie, Chubby got his new bicycle today” Papa deer said smiling.

Charlie jumped up in joy.

“Did he?” an ecstatic Charlie responded?

Papa deer nodded his head.

Charlie turned back and ran towards home.

“Mama I am off to Chubby’s” he said without going into house.

Then he ran down the pathway towards the deer house.

Charlie didn’t have to go that far.

He could hear the bicycle bell.

“Trriiiiing, Trrriiiing…..”

Next he saw Chubby speeding up towards him in the bicycle.

Standing behind Chubby was Willy.

“Whooaaaa… we were coming to see you” yelled Willy in joy.

Chubby stopped the bicycle right in front of Charlie.

“Get on” he told Charlie.

Charlie jumped on to the top tube.

The three friends headed towards the grocery.

They made such a din everyone came out of the grocery.

Papa deer took his wallet out and gave money to Papa rabbit.

“Three ice plums for the boys” he said.