Team Work

Sunday 1st of October 2017

Charlie and Willy were dumbstruck.
What a story is this, they thought.
“I can’t believe this” Charlie said.
“Then come with me to our house” an annoyed Chubby said.
“Ask Mama, Papa or grandpa” he added.
“No, no need. If you are telling its true, that’s it” Charlie agreed.
Willy couldn’t utter a word.
He kept staring at Chubby.
“Chubby you have to thank Willy for this” Charlie reminded.
“If he didn’t find the box….?” he said.
“Yes I know, I know” Chubby said putting his arm around Willy.
Willy beamed.
“So you are getting a bicycle?” Charlie asked Chubby.
“Yes a brand new one” Chubby said proudly.
“Oh Chubby, will you let me ride it?” an excited Willy asked.
“Otherwise. You are the one who found the box” Chubby
Willy jumped on to a nearby tree branch.
He started swinging from it with delight.
“When are you getting the bicycle?” Charlie asked Chubby.
“Next week” Chubby replied.

“Grandpa is going to town with Papa on Monday to buy it” he
“Only five more days” Charlie said with a big smile.
Willy jumped down from the tree branch.
He turned at Charlie.
“If you didn’t step on it we would have lost the key forever” he told
“It’s team work. All three of us contributed” Charlie replied.
Chubby and Willy nodded their head.