Captain Untied

Sunday 10th of September 2017



More than an hour passed.

Chubby dozed off on the sofa.

Grandpa and Mama kept looking at the pathway.

Captain fox looked very agitated.

“Please untie me” he pleaded with Mama deer.

Mama deer was feeling sorry for him.

Finally Papa appeared from the far end with Cyril.

Cyril the fox walked briskly towards his brother.

Papa deer walked behind him.

Captain fox looked down.

“Shame on you,” Cyril said angrily.

“Why did you try to break into this house?” he asked his brother.

Captain looked the other way.

Cyril got angry.

“You will be tied to the tree till you tell the truth,” Cyril added.

Papa deer tapped on Cyril’s shoulder.

 “Let’s go into house and have some tea,” he told his friend.

They all walked towards the house.

As they were entering the house they heard Captain’s voice.

“Please untie the ropes. I will tell what happened,” captain pleaded loudly.

Everybody turned behind and looked at captain.

“Please untie him,” Mama deer pleaded with Papa deer.

Papa looked at Cyril.

Cyril didn’t say anything this time.

However Papa walked towards the mango tree.

He untied Captain with some difficulty.

“Come into the house,” Mama called everyone.

Cyril pushed his brother forward.

Captain entered the house meekly and sat on a chair.

“Now tell the story,” Cyril urged Captain.

Everyone looked at Captain.