Cabbage Plant

Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Cabbage plant 1

Tara woke up.

It was 6.15 am.

“Ah school holidays,” thought Tara.

There was no need to wake up very early.

Suddenly Tara remembered something.

The flowering cabbage plant.

Mother bought it for her from a plant sale last week.

While mother was picking plants, Tara saw the beautiful cabbage plant.

“Amma shall we buy that cabbage plant,” Tara asked.

Mother had a look at the plant and smiled.

“Ok” she replied.

 “It’s yours now,” she told Tara giving her the plant after buying it.

“You should look after it hereafter,” mother added.

Tara was so happy.

Once they returned home mother started planting the other plants she bought.

She gave Tara a flower pot to plant her cabbage plant.

Tara carefully planted it in the pot.

She couldn’t take her mind away from the plant after that.

Every morning she would run to the garden to see it.

She would clear the surface of the pot every day.

Every late afternoon she would water it.

The flowering cabbage was growing fast.

Tara got up from bed.

She was proceeding towards the back door to enter the garden.

“Going to see the flowering cabbage?” mother asked a little amused.

Tara smiled.

Mother followed Tara to the garden.

She was so happy to see the plant’s growth.

“I had my doubts about the plant when I bought it for you” mother confessed.

“I thought it might not survive,” she added.

“You have looked after it very well,” mother said stroking Tara’s head.

Tara was so happy that she took care of the pant.



When did Tara see the cabbage plant?

What did mother tell Tara after she bought the plant for her?

Why was Tara happy?