A Surprise in the Garden 

Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

A surprise in the garden 2

Shadow started barking all of a sudden.

Tara walked up to the verandah to see what made him bark.

Tara was stunned by what she saw.

There was a big kite in the garden.

“Amma, there’s a big kite in the garden,” Tara said loudly.

Tarun, who was in his room, heard this conversation.

He jumped out of bed and ran towards the garden.

“A beautiful kite” he thought bending to admire it.

Shadow was puzzled.

He continued to bark going backwards.

“Did you think an aeroplane landed in our garden Shadow?” Tarun asked him.

Mother joined them a little later.

“I was thinking of making a kite. Now there’s no need to do that” Tarun told mother jubilantly.

“Tarun, you are not going to take that,” mother said firmly.

 “This kite is somebody’s hard work ,” she reminded him.

“The owner must be searching for it already,” she added.

 “Go to the road and see whether you can see anybody,” mother ordered Tarun.

“He must be looking high and low for the kite,” she added.

Tarun opened the gate and looked out.

He didn’t see anyone at once.

However when he looked carefully he saw a bunch of small boy’s at the tail end of the lane.

They were coming towards the top of the lane.

It was obvious that they were looking for something.

Tarun returned  to the garden and picked up the kite.

“I think the owners are coming” Tarun told his mother.

He walked up to the gate again.

Mother and Tara followed him.

The group of little boys saw the kite from afar.

They came running towards the gate.

“Yours?” asked Tarun.

“Yes” they said with bright smiles.

Tarun handed over the kite to them.

They thanked him and ran down the lane cheerfully with the kite.

Tarun kept looking at them till they disappeared.

He was so happy that he returned the kite to the little boys.



What did Tara see in the garden?

What did mother remind Tarun of when he hinted at keeping it?

Why was Tarun happy finally?