Chubby and the Key

Sunday 20th of August 2017


Chubby could hardly sleep in the night.

Charlie and Willy had given him the key for safe keeping.

It was Willy who found the box first.

However he didn’t want to keep the key.

“It’s too big for me to keep,” Willy said.

Charlie too had issues.

He was worried that his sister would find it if he hid it at home.

“Curly is sure to find it” he reasoned.

They pleaded with Chubby to take it home.

So he agreed.

Chubby hid it under his clothes in the wardrobe.

Every time someone walked into room he panicked.

Chubby was so relieved when bed time came.

However still he was wide awake till very late.

The responsibility of the key was too much for him.

After sometime, around midnight, he felt his eyes closing.

However a small noise made him open his eyes.

It came from the garden.

The noise came again.

Chubby cocked his ears to listen more carefully.

This time it came from the side of Grandpa’s room.

The sound was heard on and off.

Chubby woke up.

He walked towards grandpa’s room.

The door of grandpa’s room was open.

He entered the room gently.

Grandpa was sleeping soundly.

A big candle on a stand was giving a gentle glow to the room.

Seconds after Chubby entered room the noise came again.

This time he could figure out what that was.

Chubby was almost frozen.

Someone was trying to open Grandpa’s window.

However he picked up courage and walked up to grandpa’s bed.

“Grandpa, wake up, wake up” he whispered shaking grandpa’s shoulder.