Rescuing A Bully Victim

Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Rescuing a bully victim 5

Tarun went to see his friend Nikhil.

He stopped at Nikhil’s gate and called out to him.

Nikhil came out of his home and joined Tarun.

The two friends strolled down the lane.

A sweet seller went past them in a bicycle.

Seconds later a small boy ran past them calling the sweet seller.

Tarun and Nikhil shouted aloud and stopped the sweet seller.

The boy ran to him and bought some sweets.

He returned with a bag of sweets flashing a big smile.

There was a sense of gratitude in his eyes when he passed Tarun and Nikhil. 

After a few seconds the two friends heard a big yell.

They looked back.

Two big boys were trying to take the bag of sweets from the little boy.

The little one was screaming.

Nikhil at once recognized the two boys.

“Gosh that’s Hiran and Chamath” Nikhil said.

Hiran and Chamath played cricket with them.

Tarun started running towards them.

Nikhil followed him.

“Hey Hiran stop that will you” Tarun yelled.

They stopped pulling the boy’s bag.

The little one ran towards his home.

“We were just bullying him, nothing serious” Chamath told Tarun.

“Bully that little one, sin men” Nikhil said.

“He has a bit of an attitude, we just wanted to frighten him” Hiran said smiling.

“Yes we didn’t want his sweets” Chamath added.

“We all have attitudes. Why bully small ones?” Tarun asked.

“It’s also not good for you if his parents get to know about this,” Nikhil explained.

“They might complain to your parents” he cautioned.

“Ok Ok we are off. Bye” Hiran and Chamath said taking their leave of Tarun and Nikhil.

After they left Tarun had a look at the little boy’s home.

He could see the little one looking at him through the gate.

Tarun waved at him.

The small boy waved his little hand non-stop.

Tarun and Nikhil were glad that they could rescue him from the bullies.



What was Tarun and Nikhil doing when the sweet seller went past them?

What did they see when they looked back after hearing the yell?

What did the little boy do when Tarun waved at him?