Rest After Test

Wednesday 9th of August 2017

Rest after test 3

Tarun worked hard for the term tests.

He had missed a few lessons due to sports.

So he had to study extra hard this time.

What a relief he had when the tests concluded.

The next day was a Saturday.

After breakfast he walked around the garden.

Shadow, their pet dog, followed him.

Tarun went and sat on the garden bench.

The gentle morning sunrays and the soft breeze made him sleepy.

Tarun went into the house, brought a mat and laid it under the mango tree.

He lied down on it.

Tara who was looking for her brother saw that.

“Aiya are you going to sleep there?” a surprised Tara asked.

“Yes, why not, I am sleepy” Tarun answered.

“Morning sun gives vitamin D” he added.

However Tara found the whole thing amusing.

She ran into the house to break the news to her mother.

“Amma Aiya is sleeping under mango tree on that red mat” she informed her.

Mother smiled.

“Let him sleep Tara, he broke rest during the tests” mother reminded.

“He must be sleepy and tired” she said.

Tara realized that it could be the case.

“Yes he must be tired” she too agreed.

“Like work one needs rest too” explained mother.

Later mother called Tara for tea.

“Is Aiya still sleeping?” mother inquired.

“Yes, shall I take his tea mug to him” Tara asked.

Tara took Tarun’s tea to where he was.

She kept the tea mug on the mat.

Shadow got excited by Tara’s arrival and wagged his tail.

The tail hit Tarun’s arm and he work up.

For a while he couldn’t figure what was going on.

“Here’s your tea Aiya” Tara said smiling.

“Oh thank you” Tarun replied taking the mug from his sister.


What made Tarun sleepy?

What did mother say about work and rest?

What woke up Tarun from his sleep?