The Mysterious Box

Sunday 6th of August 2017


The three friends sat around the wooden box.

Charlie the Rabbit boy, Chubby the deer boy and Willy the monkey boy were getting curious.

The box didn’t have a lock.

It was spotted by Willy the day before.

Willy saw it in the meadow.

He tried his best to open it.

However he couldn’t.

So Willy hid it under a shrub and went looking for Charlie.

Charlie too was excited about the finding.

By the time Willy met him it was getting dark.

So they decided to open the box the next day.

The next day was a school day.

So they agreed to meet near the meadow at 3pm.

On the way back home Willy informed Charlie too about the box.

By 3pm the next day, all three were already there.

Willy took the friends to the place where he had hidden  the box.

Charlie and Chubby inspected it carefully.

“This looks very old Willy” Chubby said tapping on the box.

“I am sure something valuable must be inside” he added.

The three friends got together and shook the box.

They felt something moving inside.

“Something is there” Chubby said with excitement.

He tried to open it with Charlie’s help.

However it couldn’t be opened.

“This can’t be opened. How to open a box without a lock?” an exhausted Charlie asked.

Chubby too was getting tired.

However he was thinking hard.

Suddenly he looked bright.

“I’ll tell you what. Let’s toss the box down that slope” he suggested.

Willy wasn’t happy about the idea.

“A fall might break whatever is inside” a worried Willy observed.

“Then you tell me another way to open this,” a visibly angry Chubby responded.

Neither Willy not Charlie could think of an alternative.

So they too finally agreed.

The three friends walked to the edge of the meadow.

Willy was holding the box.

“One, two, three….” they counted.

Willy dropped the box down the slope.