A Sweet Lesson

Sunday 6th of August 2017

Donuts 2

A smile flashed across Tarun’s face.

The sight of donuts in the tray was the reason.

They were visiting a friend of their mother, Aunty Thanuja.

Aunty Thanuja offered them donuts with tea.

There were five donuts on the plate.

Tara had one.

That filled her stomach.

Mother didn’t eat donuts.

Tarun took a second donut.

Tara looked at him.

“There’s cream on your lips” she whispered to Tarun.

Tarun wiped it with a tissue.

Mother and Aunt Thanuja started talking about the orphanage.

Tara showed  interest in the conversation.

However she got bored after some time.

She looked at her brother.

Tara was surprised to see him still eating donuts.

She looked at the plate.

All the donuts were gone.

She was shocked.

After a while Aunt Thanuja went into the house.

Tara told mother what Tarun had done.

Mother was shocked.

“Tarun, how could you eat four donuts?” a wide-eyed mother asked.

“I could not have my breakfast” Tarun grumbled.

“It’s your fault that you didn’t” she pointed out.

“We are on a visit Tarun. Where are your manners?” she asked.

Tarun scratched his head.

“Sorry” Tarun said.

“Please don’t do it again, Ok” she reprimanded him.

Tarun nodded his head in agreement.

“I had only one” Tara said softly.

“Yes you know your manners” mother stroked Tara’s head.



What made Tarun smile?

What did mother and Aunt Thanuja discuss about?

What was the excuse Tarun gave for having four donuts?