The Old Gentleman

Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

The old gentleman 2

There’s a newspaper stand near Tarun’s school.

So many people go there to buy papers.

Among them was a very old gentleman.

He walked with the help of a walking stick.

Even then his walk wasn’t steady.

He looked weak.

Tarun knew his residence as he had seen him leaving home.

It wasn’t far from the newspaper stand.

One day Tarun saw the gentleman wobbling his way back home.

All of a sudden he lost his balance despite the walking stick.

Before Tarun could do anything the gentleman landed on the ground.

Tarun ran to him and lifted him.

“Thank you son” the gentleman mumbled.

He was bleeding from his elbow.

A few other students saw Tarun helping the gentleman.

They too came to offer help.

Tarun and the boys took the gentleman to his home.

They knocked on the door.

Someone who resembled  his daughter opened the door.

She was shocked by what she saw.

“Thank you so much for the help” she told the boys apologetically.

“Oh that’s nothing” Tarun and the others said.

“I have told father not to step out of the house” the woman told the boys.

“But he insists on going to the newspaper stand” she added.

She asked the boys to wait for a cup of tea.

However everyone declined as they had to rush to school.

“Take care uncle” Tarun told the old gent before leaving.

“Thank you so much for helping me putha” he said.

Tarun was so glad that he could be of help him.




With what did the old gentleman walk?

What did Tarun do immediately after the gentleman fell on ground?

What had gentleman’s daughter told her father?