Curly’s school bag

Sunday 30th of July 2017


Curly the rabbit daughter sat on the window sill.

She had a problem.

Her school bag looked old now.

When it was new everyone in her class liked it.

Now of course it looked worn out.

Curly wished she had a new bag.

However she didn’t want to bother her parents.

After all, it was only early this year that her parents gave it to her.

Curly got up and went to the garden.

Mama Rabbit had gone to see her sister, Aunt Molly.

She may return any time.

Curly stood near the gate and waited.

After some time she saw her mother coming down the lane.

Curly opened the gate and ran towards mother.

“Here, these are for you and Charlie” mother gave her a pack of sweets.

Curly popped one in to her mouth and entered the house with her mother.

Mama Rabbit placed the parcel she was carrying on a table.

“Open and see what that is” she said smiling.

Curly quickly opened it.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

There was a lovely pink colour racksack.

“Oh Mama…this is so pretty” Curly said hugging the bag.

“It was about month ago that I gave the material to Molly” Mama Rabbit said.

“She couldn’t sew it then because she was sick” she added.

“I was thinking about a bag Mama” Curly said.

“I knew it was getting old and you couldn’t wait till end of the year” Mama said smiling.

Curly felt so grateful to her Mama.

She was glad that Mama always knew what she wanted.