Surprise at the ground

Sunday 30th of July 2017

A visitor to play ground 3

Tarun closed the gate.

He started walking down the lane.

At the end of the lane lies their playground.

It’s a bare land.

However, of late, due to neglect, it has overgrown.

So the boys in the village decided to clear it.

A few parents too offered help.

When Tarun reached the place a few others were already present.

Tarun’s friend from the neighbourhood, Nipun, welcomed him warmly.

They chatted up with others for a while.

“Tarun come, lets clear that far corner” Nipun suggested after some time.

The two friends joined those who were already clearing that part.

After about fifteen minutes they heard a loud shout.

It came from the opposite side of the ground.

Everyone ran there.

“What happened Thaththa?” Nipun asked his father who was there.

“Have a look” father told Nipun.

Tarun and Nipun got closer and looked down.

They were stunned by what they saw.

There was a beautiful white cobra coiled up on the ground.

Nipun’s father started talking.

“What would have happened if you did not clear the land today?” he asked.

“One of us would definitely have stepped on it” Tarun said.

He was too scared to think what would have happened afterwards.

“What are we going to do with it Thaththa? Nipun asked.

“Shall we kill it?” one of the boys asked.

“Are you crazy, you are not going to touch it” another boy said.

“It’s you boys who invited it by neglecting your playground” Nipun’s father affirmed.

“Once you clear the whole ground it would not have a place to hide” he explained.

“Then it will go away” Tarun added.

“Yes but one of you should keep an eye on it till we clear the whole place” Nipun’s father reminded.

“I will do that” Tarun promised.




Why did the boys decide to clear the playground?

What did Tarun and Nipun see when they got closer and looked down after the shout from other side?

According to Nipun’s father how had the boys invited the cobra?