Lessons in ironing

Wednesday 26th of July 2017

Lessons in ironing 1

Lessons in ironing

Tara was learning to iron her clothes.

Her mother started teaching her how to iron.

Mother asked Tara to bring a dress she wears at home.

She first taught Tara how to iron that simple dress.

Tara ironed it well following mother’s instructions.

“This is good Tara” mother complimented her.

As then the phone at home rang.

“Turn off the iron” mother told Tara before leaving to answer the phone.

Tara thought for a few seconds.

She wanted to iron another dress.

So instead of turning off the iron Tara kept it on.

She ran to the wardrobe and pulled out her favourite dress.

She wanted to have it ironed by the time mother returned.

However in her hurry Tara didn’t realize one thing.

In her short absence the  iron had got really heated up.

When Tara started ironing the lace in her dress it got stuck in the iron.

Tara was horrified.

She quickly turned off the iron.

When mother returned she found Tara sobbing, hugging her favourite dress.

“Oh Tara what happened?” mother asked.

Between sobs Tara explained what happened.

“That’s why I told you to turn it off dear” mother explained.

She had a look at the dress.

“I can get another piece of lace for this, so don’t cry” she consoled Tara.

Tara was relieved.

However she learneda lesson.

She was determined never to disobey her mother.



What did mother ask Tara to bring?

What did mother want Tara to do when she left to answer the phone?

What was the lesson Tara learned from the incident?