Drama in the Attic

Monday 24th of July 2017

Drama in the attic (1)

Chubby, the deer son, shook his head.

His head was full of cobwebs.

No one had cleaned the attic for some time.

His Mama and grandparents were having their afternoon nap.

Father has gone to the next village.

Chubby had always wanted to go to the attic.

However his mother didn’t allow him to go there.

“Don’t go that way” Mama always told Chubby.

However Chubby couldn’t wait any longer.

After everyone fell asleep he climbed the ladder to the attic.

The attic was dusty.

Chubby suppressed one sneeze.

However the next he couldn’t.

“Cheeeeze” he sneezed twice loudly.

That woke up grandpa.

He was sleeping just below the attic on an arm chair.

“Who is there?” grandpa asked loudly.

Chubby got scared.

He tried to run to the attic door.

However in his hurry Chubby’s body hit an old cupboard.

That disturbed some pails on the cupboard.

Something watery thing fell on his head and ran down his body.

Chubby got more scared.

He heard more voices from down now.

“Who is there?”

 Those were the voices of his mother and grandmother.

Chubby got on to the ladder and started climbing down.

“Who is this? A thief” Grandma screamed when she saw Chubby.

“Bring the broom, bring the broom” Grandpa told mother.

Chubby was stunned.

“Why can’t they recognize me” he wondered.

“It’s me chubby, don’t hit me” he said jumping to ground.

Everyone stared at Chubby.

Chubby had a look at himself.

He saw blue paint all over his body.

“What happened to you?” a shocked mother asked.

“Looks like he had got paint on the body” Grandfather said.

“Oh dear, straight to the bathroom” mother ordered Chubby.

Chubby meekly headed towards the bathroom.

His mother nagged him over the escapade for one whole week.