Gift with hand work

Sunday 23rd of July 2017

Hand work 2


Tara stood next to her mother.

Mother was selecting mugs at a ceramic shop.

Mother had to pick twelve mugs with different designs.

They were for the children of an orphanage she was helping.

“Otherwise the children won’t identify their mugs” mother insisted.

She carefully selected twelve mugs from the ceramic shop.

After that mother and Tara headed home.

“I have to pack these before evening” mother told Tara on the way.

 “How are you going to pack them Amma?” Tara asked.

“I haven’t thought about it yet dear” mother replied.

Tara started thinking.

She thought of the best way to pack the mugs.

An idea struck her.

“Shall we pack them in boxes? I can make boxes” she shared her idea with mother.

Mother looked at Tara with curiosity.

“With what?” she asked.

“With Bristol board” Tara answered.

 “We learnt to make boxes in school, for handwork last year” she explained.

Mother smiled.

“That sounds a great idea Tara” mother complimented her.

 “Of course we can, we have colourful Bristol boards at home” she reminded Tara.

After they reached home mother took the Bristol boards from the cupboard.

She kept them on the dining table.

She kept the bags containing the mugs on the table.

They were of different heights.

Mother measured the height of the tallest mug.

“The boxes should be an inch taller than this mug” she told Tara.

 “Then all boxes will be of the same size” she noted.

Mother helped Tara with the first box.

Tara started making other boxes with the boards.

She did a quick neat job.

By the time mother finished preparing lunch Tara had finished making all twelve boxes.

They were in yellow, pink, green and blue colours.

“Oh Tara this is wonderful” mother said giving Tara a big hug.

Tara was happy that she did something for the orphaned children.




What did mother do at the ceramic shop?

What did Tara suggest for packing mugs?

Why was Tara happy?