Shadow’s Kindness

Wednesday 19th of July 2017

Shadow’s kindness 2

Aunt Anu is a friend of Tara’s mother.

She dropped by one day at Tara’s.

Mother and Aunt Anu started talking about their charity project.

Tara went looking for her pet dog, Shadow, to play with him.

She was surprised by what she saw.

A shutter of Aunt Anu’s car was down.

Shadow was standing with his front paws there.

“Shadow, what are you doing?” Tara almost yelled.

Shadow barked at her wagging his tail.

Tara pulled Shadow down and put her head into car.

She couldn’t believe what she saw.

A beautiful Poodle was there on a basket on the seat.

It looked frightened.

Tara ran into house.

“Aunt Anu is that Poodle yours?” she asked her mother’s friend.

“Yes darling. We went to the vet. Toby doesn’t eat” Aunt Au replied.

“Oh Aunt Anu lets take him out. Shadow won’t hurt him” Tara assured.

Aunt Anu looked at Tara’s mother.

“I am a little worried. Shadow is a big dog” she told Tara’s mother.

“Shadow is kind to pups. Don’t worry” mother too assured.

They all went to the car after that.

Aunt Anu took the Poodle out.

Shadow was going round and round Aunt Anu.

She lowered the Poodle a little.

Shadow sniffed the pup and licked his face.

Aunt Anu realized there’s nothing to worry.

She kept the pup on the ground.

Shadow licked the face of the frightened pup more.

The Poodle lost his fear.

She scampered and ran around Shadow despite her illness.

After that the two dogs started playing all around the garden.

After a while the Poodle went to Shadow’s kennel.

It started having Shadow’s food while Shadow quietly looked on.

“Toby has even got the appetite back after a game with Shadow” a happy Aunt Anu said.



What did Tara’s mother and Aunt Anu discuss?

Why was Aunt Anu worried about taking the Poodle out?

What did Shadow do when the Poodle had his food?