The Sweet Seller

Sunday 16th of July 2017


Chubby, the deer boy, came out of the deer school.

He stopped near the gate.

The sweet seller was nowhere to be seen.

Chubby was disappointed.

He walked up to a deer boy who was standing near the gate.

"Where is that sweet seller?" he asked.

"You mean that fox? The principal had asked him not to sell sweets here.." the boy replied.

Chubby was surprised.

"Why?" he asked.

"I don't know.." said the boy.

Chubby thanked the boy and left for home.

Chubby had never bought sweets from him before.

He did not have the money to buy any.

However, his uncle visited over the weekend and gave some coins to Chubby.

So he came to school with the idea of buying sweets that day.

What bad luck that the principal had ordered the sweet seller out after I got money, thought Chubby.

Slowly, he started walking home down the road.

When he approached the junction he saw a commotion there.

The junction was about a hundred metres from school.

When Chubby got closer, he realized that the boys had gathered around the sweet seller.

Chubby flashed across a big smile.

He took the money out of the bag.

There were too many students around the sweet seller.

Chubby pushed his way through the others to reach the sweet seller.

Just then he heard a rough voice.

"No one is going to buy sweets from him!"

It was the school principal.

"Two of our boys fell sick after eating his sweets!" the principal told the boys.

The boys were taken aback.

The principal walked up to the sweet seller.

"I am going to report to the police if you ever come to this area again!" he warned the seller.

The fox got up, kept his sweet box on his head and hurried out.

"You go home now!" the principal ordered the students.

The boys dispersed.

Chubby turned to the lane from the junction.

"That was a narrow shave!" he thought.

He decided to visit the rabbit grocery late in the afternoon.

"I'll have their brownies. One never falls sick eating Mama Rabbit's food!" he told himself.