Not A Silly Girl

Sunday 16th of July 2017

Not a silly girl

Tara tried the sum again.

She still couldn't get it right.

She dragged her feet to her brother Tarun's room.

Tara poked her head from the opening between the two curtains.

She saw that her brother was reading something.

"Aiya, can you help me with this sum?" pleaded Tara.

Tarun looked at her but did not say anything.

Tara quietly entered the room and kept her book on Tarun's table.

Tarun had a look at the way Tara had worked on the sum.

He figured out what needed to be done.

"Why did you multiply it by five, you silly?" asked Tarun.

Tara's face fell. She was about to cry.

She never liked the word 'silly'.

She ran out of the room and went looking for her mother.

Amma was in her bedroom.

Tara hugged her mother and sobbed.

"What happened, Tara?" asked Amma, quite alarmed.

"Aiya called me 'silly'!" replied Tara, between sobs.

"Tarun, why did you call Tara silly?" asked Amma, loudly from her room.

Tarun entered Amma's room with Tara's book.

He sat next to Amma and showed her the sum.

"Look here, she has multiplied it by five, instead of eight!" he said.

Amma realized Tara's mistake.

"But you should not have called her 'silly', Putha!" explained Amma.

"It's a silly mistake!" insisted Tarun.

"You too made silly mistakes when you were Tara's age!" reminded Amma.

Tarun smiled.

Tara raised her head. Tears were pouring down her face.

"I got 96 for Maths at the term test. I am not silly!" said Tara.

Tarun felt sorry for her little sister.

"Okay, I'm sorry! You are a bright girl, I know that!" said Tarun, ruffling Tara's hair playfully.

Tara wiped her tears.

"Now go and multiply it by eight. You will get the answer!" Tarun told Tara.

"Thank you!" said Tara meekly, and took the book from Tarun's hand.


Why did Tara go to her brother's room?

According to Tarun, why did he call Tara 'silly'?

What did Tara remind Tarun?