In The Library

Wednesday 12th of July 2017

In the library 2

Tara sat on a chair.

She had a story book in her hand.

The school library was not too crowded that day.

Tara loved when there was silence.

She started flipping through the pages of the book.

It looked interesting.

Tara decided to borrow the book.

She looked for her friends before going to the counter.

Amanda was picking books from a rack in a far corner.

Anjula was not to be seen.

"Where has Anjula gone" Tara wondered.

Just as Tara walked towards the back of library she heard a giggle.

Anjula was giggling with Shalini, another girl in Tara's class.

It looked like they were sharing a joke.

Suddenly, Anjula burst into laughter.

Tara was shocked!

As she hurried towards Anjula to ask her to hush up, someone walked past her.

It was the librarian.

"The two of you, please leave the library!" she told loudly to Anjula and Shalini.

A teacher who was reading a newspaper in the library too joined the librarian.

"I was trying to read the newspaper..." the teacher started talking.

"These two disturbed me right throughout!" she complained.

Anjula and Shalini looked scared and embarassed.

They meekly walked out of the library.

Tara and Amanda quickly borrowed the books.

They met Anjula outside the library.

"I told you to keep quiet even as we were entering the library" reminded Amanda.

"At least now, learn a lesson!" she added.

They started walking towards the class after that.

Anjula was looking down.

Tara held her hand.

"Be quiet at least hereafter.." she told Anjula softly.

Anjula nodded her head.

Tara realized that Anjula had learnt a lesson this time.


What did Tara do after sitting on the library chair?

Who walked past Tara when she hurried towards Anjula?

What did Amanda remind Anjula?