Saving The Nest

Sunday 9th of July 2017

Saving the nest

It started raining again.

"Oh Mama, it's raining again!" grumbled Charlie.

"So go and read a book like a good boy" Mama Rabbit told her son.

Charlie dragged his feet and went to his room.

He did not like the rain.

Rain meant no cricket or any other outdoor games with his friends.

He was in no mood to read a book.

He sat on the window sill and looked out.

The rain had soaked trees in the garden.

Just then he noticed something.

The little honey bird nest in the jasmine bush was hanging loose.

It was about to fall.

The bird parents were making a vain attempt to fix it.

Charlie felt so sorry for the two little birds.

He dashed out of the room into the verandah and then to the garden.

"Charlie, where are you going in the rain?" a shocked Mama Rabbit demanded.

She ran behind Charlie and stopped at the doorstep.

By then Charlie had reached the jasmine bush.

He took the nest from the hanging branch.

There were few eggs in the nest.

The honey birds started screeching in fear.

Charlie placed the nest in a covered part of the jasmine bush.

Mama Rabbit watched all that.

She was glad that Charlie saved the nest.

After placing the nest in a safe spot, Charlie ran into the house.

Mama brought a towel and wiped her son well.

She put her arm around Charlie and walked with him to the pantry.

"I will make you a hot cup of coffee, Charlie" Mama told her son.

"There are some muffins too" she said smiling at Charlie.

Charlie beamed.