A Slip Up

Sunday 9th of July 2017

Slip up 4

It was the second day of camping.

The scouts had an early morning breakfast.

After that, they set off to the other side of the hill.

The scouts followed their master.

That side of the hill was full of beautiful scenery.

For three hours the scouts got busy with activities.

At around 10:30AM, they got a break.

Savan and Ayan started distributing sandwiches to everyone.

They made the sandwiches in the morning.

The scout master had put everyone on a food preparing roster.

Savan and Ayan were responsible for the tea break food on that day.

Tarun and Nikhil were really hungry.

They started munching the sandwiches.

Tarun observed that Savan was not eating anything.

"Savan, why aren't you eating any sandwiches?" he asked.

Savan walked up to Tarun with a smile.

"A funny thing happened..." started Savan.

"I forgot the scout master when making sandwiches.." he said.

"So instead of sixteen sandwiches, Ayan and I made only 15.." he continued.

"If I eat one now, someone will go without sandwiches.." explained Savan.

Tarun and Nikhil were touched by Savan's generosity.

They offered a part of their sandwiches to Savan.

Initially he refused.

However, Tarun and Nikhil insisted that he eat their sandwiches too.

Tarun pulled a cookie bar from his pocket.

"Look here, I have this too!" he told Savan.

Savan finally agreed to share the sandwiches.

He got a piece of the cookie bar too.


Where did the scouts leave for after breakfast?

Whom did Savan forget when counting numbers?

Why didn't he have a sandwich?