Wednesday 5th of July 2017

Duty 1

Tarun and his scout mates were visiting a hill station.

This time, ten junior scouts had joined them.

They put up their camps at the bottom of a hill.

The scout master was planning to visit the other side of the hill.

He wanted to plan some activities for the next day there.

"Tarun, can you come over for a while?" the scout master called Tarun.

Tarun walked towards where the master was.

"Can you keep an eye on these juniors till I return?" asked the master.

"Sure, Sir!" replied Tarun.

After the master left, Tarun told Nikhil what the master wanted him to do.

"Good for you!" said Nikhil, smiling.

Tarun asked the juniors to repeat the scouting knots they had learnt.

About an hour or so passed.

He saw a few of his senior scout friends leaving the site.

"Where are you off to?" asked Tarun.

"There's a stream behind that rock. We are going to have a bath!" they replied.

All of a sudden Tarun forgot his duty!

He was tempted to join his friends.

"Wait, I'll join you!" he told them.

Nikhil was surprised.

"Are you crazy? The master wanted you to keep an eye on the juniors..." Nikhil reminded him.

"I will be back soon. I can return before the master comes!" replied Tarun.

"Surely, you can look after them until I return.." he added.

"The master gave you that task because he had faith in you. Don't breach that trust, Tarun!"

Nikhil said firmly.

Tarun thought for a few seconds.

He sat on the grass.

"Okay, I am not going!" he told Nikhil.

The friends left for the stream.

Five minutes after they left, the scout master returned.

"See, you had a narrow shave!" Nikhil pointed out.

"What if you went with the others?" asked Nikhil.

"You are right. The master would have lost the trust he had in me..." Tarun agreed.

"A duty is a duty. Once agreed, you should keep your word!" explained Nikhil.

Tarun nodded his head.


Why did the scout master want to visit the other side of the hill?

What did he ask Tarun to do before leaving there?

What, according to Nikhil, would have happened if Tarun had gone away with his friends?