The Mischievous Ducklings

Sunday 2nd of July 2017

Mischievous ducklings

It was a sunny day.

The rain that had lashed for days had stopped.

The sun was shining.

However, the puddles caused by the rain were all over the village.

Charlie and Curly were on their way to school.

They walked down the lane before getting on to the main road.

All of a sudden they heard quacks of ducks.

It sounded like a big commotion.

Charlie and Curly peeped through the trees.

What they saw was quite a sight!

A whole lot of ducklings were swimming merrily in a puddle.

Their school uniforms and bags were lying on the grass.

"That's Aunty Margaret's kids!" Curly told Charlie.

Charlie walked up to them.

"Aren't you going to school today?" asked Charlie.

The ducklings stopped their noise.

They stared at Charlie.

"We will go after a bath!" replied one duckling meekly.

"You know very well that you all get wet after a bath..." Charlie reminded them.

"That means you cannot wear your uniforms without drying yourselves!" he added.

The ducklings looked down.

"We will dry ourselves in the sun.." the little ones told Charlie.

"That will take ages!" Charlie told them.

"You may have to wait until noon for that" he added.

The ducklings started staring at Charlie again.

Curly opened her bag and took her serviette out.

"I will wipe you up" she offered.

The ducklings huddled up to Curly.

"Now, come one by one!" she told them.

Curly dried the water out of the wings of all the ducklings.

After that, the ducklings put on their uniforms and picked up the bags.

Charlie and Curly herded them to the birds' school.

After that the brother and sister hurried towards the rabbit school.

"It seemed as though the ducklings were planning to skip school!" Charlie told his sister.

"Yes, we had better keep Aunty Margaret informed!" replied Curly.

Charlie felt sorry for the little ones.

"Do we have to?" he asked Curly.

"Yes, otherwise they may go somewhere else for a swim the next day" explained Curly.

Charlie knew that there was a chance of them doing so.

"Alright then" he replied.