Mama Knows Best

Sunday 25th of June 2017


Willy waited for his turn.

His colleagues had lined up before their music teacher.

Mrs. Watson the music teacher was going away.

She would return to school only in two years' time.

Everyone was going to miss the ever so cheerful Mrs. Watson.

Two years was a long time for the little monkey students.

So they decided to give her gifts on her last day in school.

Willy's Papa had gone away for a few days.

Mama Monkey did not have enough money with her to buy a good gift for Willy's music teacher.

So she made a good mango pickle for the teacher.

"Oh Mama, I can't take this to Mrs. Watson!" said Willy, making a fuss.

"The other students will bring nicer things like pens and apples.." he said, scowling.

"Why don't you take this and see what she has to say? Be a good boy now!" Mama cajoled.

"I am sure Mrs. Watson is going to like this pickle" she assured Willy.

Sweety, Willy's sister agreed with Mama.

"Mama knows best, Willy. Mrs. Watson will like it!" she told her brother.

However, Willy was not happy.

The idea of offering pickle to Mrs. Watson made him hopeless.

Finally, Willy's turn came to hand the gift to his teacher.

He was a bundle of nerves!

He had seen his colleagues taking gifts in shiny wrapping paper to the teacher.

Standing before Mrs. Watson, he handed the paper bag that contained the pickle bottle.

"What is this, Willy?" Mrs. Watson asked kindly.

"Mango pickle. My Mama made it!" said Willy, looking down.

"Oh really, I love mango pickle!" said a beaming Mrs. Watson.

She kept the bag on her lap and took the bottle out.

"Oh, this looks mouthwatering! I can't wait to go home and take a bite!" she said.

Willy was overjoyed.

Mrs. Watson stroked Willy's head and thanked him again.

"Tell your Mama that I thanked her profusely!" she told him.

Willy nodded his head.

He waited impatiently till the last bell rang.

When the bell rang, he ran towards his sister Sweety's class.

Willy told Sweety what Mrs. Watson said about the mango pickle.