Mango Thief

Sunday 25th of June 2017

Mango thief 3

The car stopped in front of the gate.

Tarun got out of the car and opened the gate.

Tara, Tarun and their parents were returning from their aunt's house.

Shadow started barking loudly and jumping at Tarun when he saw him.

Shadow was all alone at home.

Thaththa parked the car in garage.

Tara, Amma and Thaththa got out of the car.

Shadow did not stop barking.

"What's wrong, Shadow?" asked Amma.

Shadow kept running towards the mango tree while barking.

"Who is there?" asked Amma.

That's when they saw what had happened.

Several small mango branches and a few raw mangoes were on the ground.

Everyone looked up.

Some branches were half broken.

Except for a few, all the other ripe mangoes were gone.

Everyone got worried.

"Looks like a thief has entered the compound in our absence!" said Amma.

"Let's check the house quickly!" Thaththa told Amma.

He quietly opened the main door and let Shadow in.

However Shadow showed no interest in the house.

Nothing in the house seemed to have been disturbed.

Amma checked the wardrobes and lockers.

Everything was intact.

"It seems as if the thief was only interested in the mangoes..." concluded Amma.

Thaththa did not say anything.

"How could he enter the compound with Shadow guarding it?" asked Tarun.

"I have my doubts, it does not look like a thief..." said Thaththa, sitting on the sofa.

Just then Shadow started barking loudly.

Tarun went out of the house to check why he was barking again.

"Come right away, here's the thief!" yelled Tarun.

Tara and her parents ran into the garden.

What did they see?

There was a big monkey on the mango tree.

Everyone had a good laugh.

"Never believe anything till you have proof!" Thaththa told Amma, smiling.

Amma nodded and smiled back at Thaththa.


What did Shadow do when he saw Tarun?

What did Amma say when she found that nothing in the house had been disturbed?

What was Thaththa's advice to Amma after seeing the monkey on the tree?