Tackling A Bully

Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Tackling a bully 2

Tarun did not know what to do.

It all started after their literature teacher left the class.

During the literature lesson, they came across the word 'fibber'.

It was an old term used for a liar.

That was what the teacher had explained to the class.

After the teacher left the class, Pavan, a classmate of Tarun's, got into action.

Pavan turned towards Savan, another student in the class, and said "You fibber!".

Pavan did that with his hand pointed at Savan.

Some of the boys in the class started laughing.

That encouraged Pavan even more.

Savan sat in the row parallel to Pavan.

He was a very honest and quiet boy.

Savan did not know what to do!

Pavan poked fun at poor Savan the whole morning.

Tarun thought that this was rather unfair.

During the interval, Tarun and his friend Nikhil went to the ground.

Savan and a few other boys were also there.

Tarun saw Nikhil having a serious conversation with Savan.

After the interval, everyone returned back to class.

"Fibber!" said Pavan loudly, when he saw Savan entering the class.

Then, the most unexpected thing happened.

"Is that your name? Well, it suits you well!" Savan responded, loud as ever.

The whole class was stunned!

They never expected Savan to be so bold.

Then a roar of laughter came from the rear rows.

"Oh Pavan..." the boys started hooting and whistling at Pavan.

Pavan went red.

He did not know what to do.

Savan went and sat on his chair triumphantly.

Tarun looked at Nikhil.

He noticed the sheepish smile on Nikhil's face.

Tarun figured out what would have happened.

He gave a high five to his friend.

Never again did Pavan bully Savan.


What did Pavan do after the literature teacher left the class?

What did Tarun see Nikhil doing during the interval?

Why did Tarun give a high five to Nikhil?