The Seesaw

Sunday 18th of June 2017


Willy the monkey boy left home with his sister.

Willy and his sister Sweety were going to the grocery.

The road to the grocery was next to their aunt's home.

Willy and Sweety could see their aunt's two children playing in the garden.

The two little ones were playing seesaw.

However, Willy and Sweety were horrified to see what they were riding on.

They were riding on a plank perched riskily on a rock with a pointed top.

"Gosh, those kids are going to break their necks!" said Willy.

"I wonder where Aunt Anthea is..." a worried Sweety said, looking around.

Sweety and Willy walked towards the children.

"Cherry, stop that. You will fall!" said Sweety, as she cautioned the elder girl.

"We won't fall!" said Cherry with a scowl.

The children continued their riding.

"Get off the plank, Kerry!" ordered Willy.

"I won't!" said Kerry, stubbornly.

Sweety heard the sound of a sewing machine from the inside of her aunt's house.

She ran towards the house.

"Aunt Anthea, Aunt Anthea..." Sweety called out to her aunt loudly.

Aunt Anthea stopped her sewing and came out of the house.

"Why Sweety?" she asked.

Sweety showed her the dangerous seesaw.

"Oh dear, I have told those two not to do that!" said Aunt Anthea, running into the garden.

Just then, she saw Willy lifting Kerry from the seesaw.

An angry Kerry started beating Willy.

"Kerry, stop that!" Aunt Anthea demanded.

"How many times have I told you not to play seesaw on the rock?" she asked Cherry and Kerry.

They looked down.

"If Sweety and Willy did not see you, would have ended up in hospital!" she explained.

The eyes of the kids widened.

"Say sorry to Willy, you hit him hard!" Aunt Anthea scolded Kerry.

"Sorry!" said little Kerry meekly.

"I am going to chop this plank and use it for the hearth.." said Aunt Anthea, taking the plank of wood from

the rock.

The little ones were almost in tears.

Sweety and Willy felt sorry for the kids.

"I will set a seesaw for you on a log soon," promised Willy.

"Charlie and Chubby will help me to fix it," he added.

Cherry and Kerry knew Charlie and Chubby.

They were so happy. They smiled at Willy.

"Where are your manners, kids?" Aunt Anthea asked her children.

"Thank you!" they both told Willy shyly.