The Snake Charmer

Sunday 18th of June 2017

Snake charmer 4

Tarun's friend and neighbour, Nipun was bored.

He felt like going for a bicycle ride.

He took his foot bike out of the garage and told his mother that he was going out.

"Be careful, don't ride too fast!" she warned, as he left the house.

Nipun cycled to Tarun's house and rang the gate bell.

"Tarun is having a shower.." said Tarun's mother.

"Could you please tell Tarun that I am cycling down the lane?" asked Nipun.

"Sure, I'll tell him!" she replied, smiling.

Nipun started cycling up and down the lane.

After some time he saw a strange looking person walking down the lane.

Nipun cycled towards him.

He was wearing a turban on his head and his clothes looked old.

There was a little monkey perched on one of his shoulders.

He was also carrying a cane basket.

"Oh, a snake charmer!" Nipun figured.

Nipun wished Tarun would join him soon.

Nipun looked at the little monkey.

It looked both funny and cute.

Nipun started cycling up and down making faces at the monkey.

He suddenly saw Tarun taking his bike to the road from his garden.

"Tarun, hurry up!" he yelled in excitement.

Then he made one more attempt to poke fun at the monkey.

While doing that, Nipun forgot the bump on the road this time.

Tarun saw Nipun falling with his bike.

He raced towards Nipun.

"Are you alright?" he asked, getting off from his bike.

Nipun got up shyly, brushing the dust off his clothes.

There were a few bruises on his elbow and knees.

Tarun lifted Nipun's bicycle.

"What happened?" he asked Nipun.

Nipun explained what happened.

Tarun took Nipun home.

When Nipun's mother heard what had happened, she was angry.

However she did not say anything for some time.

She washed Nipun's bruises with Dettol and applied medicine.

"This a good lesson for you for poking fun at poor animals!" she said, looking at Nipun finally.

"When you ride your bike, you should give your complete attention to the road!" she emphasized.


What was Tarun doing when Nipun rang the gate bell?

Why did Nipun fall?

According to Nipun's mother, for what did the fall serve as a lesson?