The Spinning Top

Wednesday 14th of June 2017


Tara was holding her father's hand.

They were walking through the town.

Being a Saturday, the town was full of vendors.

Some were selling fruits.

There were quite a few sweet vendors as well.

All of a sudden Tara saw a toy hawker.

He was spinning a beautiful top on the ground.

The top was spinning at high speed.

It was turning into beautiful colours.

Tara could not take her eyes off the sight!

Tara pulled Thaththa's hand gently.

Thaththa looked at Tara.

She pointed at the spinning top.

"You want one?" asked Thaththa, smiling.

Tara smiled slyly.

Thaththa took her to the hawker.

He asked the price while taking his wallet from the pocket of his trouser.

"Four hundred rupees, Sir," replied the hawk.

"That's too much!" said Thaththa.

However, he bought the top and gave it to Tara.

Tara felt bad.

She did not expect the spinning top to be so expensive.

However she tried to focus her interest on the top.

Tara was holding on to the top when they reached home.

Tarun burst into laughter when he saw the top.

"Oh come on Tara, you are not a baby to play with tops!" he said laughing.

"Only toddlers play with tops..." he continued.

Tara felt awful!

Their mother who overheard the conversation intervened.

"Stop bullying your sister, Tarun. Tara is still a little girl!" she said.

Tarun suppressed a laugh by placing his palm against his mouth.

It took Tara only a few hours to realize that she had made a mistake.

Her interest in the toy did not last long.

She got bored with it quite fast.

Tara felt bad that Thaththa had to spend money on it.

"Perhaps I can give it to one of our baby cousins.." she thought to herself.

She told herself that she would never repeat this mistake.

Impulsive buying often makes one regret the purchase later, she realized.


Name three things vendors and hawkers sold in the town on Saturday?

Initially, why did Tara feel bad when Thaththa bought the spinning top for her?

What does impulsive buying result in?