The Big Mushroom

Sunday 11th of June 2017

The big mushroom

Curly the rabbit girl was busy.

She was collecting mushrooms.

Her friend Sweety, the deer girl was beside her.

They were collecting mushrooms for their mothers.

Mushroom pies were a hot favourite in their homes.

So was mushroom curry.

The best mushrooms in the village grew near the Deer house.

That's where the two girls were harvesting them.

They collected quite a lot.

"I think this is enough, Sweety" Curly told her friend.

"We had better collect a little bit more..." suggested Sweety.

"I will go behind that big tree and see whether there's any mushrooms there," she added.

Curly sat on the grass.

She was tired.

"I will wait here then, you better hurry up!" Curly told her friend.

A few seconds passed.

All of a sudden, Curly heard Sweety calling her loudly.

"Curly, come quickly!"

Curly ran towards the big tree.

Behind the tree stood Sweety with her finger pointed at something.

A giant mushroom!

Curly could not believe her eyes.

The mushroom was so big.

"Call your mom!" Curly told her friend.

Sweety ran towards the Deer house and returned with her mother, Cutie.

Cutie too was surprised.

However she smiled.

"I had seen a similar mushroom when I was small" Cutie recollected.

She had a closer look at the mushroom.

"Nobody had seen this one because it's behind the tree" she added.

They all admired the big mushroom.

Cutie had a look at the baskets the two girls had brought.

"You have collected enough mushrooms" Cutie told the girls.

"Come, let's have some tea!" she suggested, turning towards the house.

Curly and Sweety followed her.

However, the two girls could not stop talking about the big mushroom even while having tea.