Unnecessary Brawl

Sunday 11th of June 2017

Unnecessary brawl 2

Aditya was a classmate of Tarun's.

Aditya had a brother who was about four years older to him.

He was in the Advanced Level class.

One day, Aditya came to class with a lot of enthusiasm.

"Do you know what had happened in town last evening?" he asked his classmates.

"What had happened?" asked the others.

"There had been a clash between our boys and the St. Stephen's boys!" declared Aditya.

Everyone gathered around him.

"The boys of St. Stephen's College had started it!" Aditya started to explain.

St. Stephen's College was a school in the neighbourhood where Tarun and his family lived.

"A group of their boys had been waiting in front of the bookshop..." continued Aditya.

"One of their boys had pushed a boy named Akhil, a boy from the class next to my brother's,

when he happened to pass by," he continued.

"Did he fall?" asked Pavan, a friend of Aditya's.

"No, but Akhil had lost his balance. He had gone to the bus stop and told his friends!" replied


"Then our boys had gone and hit them?" guessed Pavan.

"Yes, it had been quite a sight! Both sides had suffered from some injuries," explained Aditya.

He added that after the incident the principles of both schools had spoken to each other.

The two principals had taken a decision to suspend all the students who had gotten involved in

the brawl, for two weeks.

"Did your brother too join the fight?" asked a curious Tarun.

"He had been at the bus stop, but he had not joined the fight" said Aditya.

"That's good. Anyway, your brother does not seem like a violent person" Pavan reminded.

"My brother says Akhil had been calling the St. Stephen's College boys various names for some

time now!" explained Aditya.

"So Akhil had been inviting trouble then. In vain, so many others too got into trouble because of

him," noted Tarun's friend Nikhil.

"This is a good lesson for everyone. There should be an end to these fights. I hope this

suspension would serve as an eye opener to the other students" added Nikhil.


What was the news that Aditya brought to class?

What was the decision taken by the two principals after the student brawl?

What did Nikhil hope for?