Not Without Permission

Wednesday 7th of June 2017

Not without permission 1

Amma was having her afternoon nap.

Tara entered the pantry to drink some water.

She found her brother Tarun there.

He was eating something.

Tara took a closer look.

"Oh, are you eating all the almond biscuits?" asked a disturbed Tara.

After all, Amma had given both of them their share already!

"There's nothing much left. Want some?" asked Tarun.

He lifted the cookie container.

Tara had a look at the biscuits.

They looked quite tempting.

Tara took a biscuit.

It was so delicious that she tried a second one.

In no time the brother and sister finished all the biscuits.

In the evening, a friend of Amma's, Aunt Vindy, dropped by.

She brought her little daughter with her.

She was four years old and was all smiles.

After some time, Amma left the living room to prepare refreshments for the visitors.

Tara played with the little girl while Tarun spoke to Aunt Vindy.

"Tara, can you come here for a bit?" Amma called her from the pantry.

Tara excused herself and walked to the pantry.

"Where are the almond biscuits I kept in the cookie container?" asked Amma.

"I was keeping them for Vindy and her daughter" she added.

Tara felt awful.

"Aiya and I ate them!" said a guilt-stricken Tara.

"Oh, did you? I don't have anything to give the little one to eat!" said Amma.

"I am so sorry, Amma!" said Tara, looking down.

"You should have asked me, Tara!" said Amma.

"Now, there's nothing that can be done. I will serve the soft drinks to them.." said Amma.

Tara felt really bad when Amma took the tray to the living room.

There was nothing to eat for Aunt Vindy or her daughter.

After the visitors left, Amma pulled up Tarun too.

It was a good lesson for Tara and Tarun.


What was Tarun doing when Tara entered the pantry?

What happened to the biscuits finally?

Why did Tara feel bad?