Happy Day For The Mouse Family

Sunday 4th of June 2017


Papa Mouse waited patiently.

Papa Rabbit was cutting the edges of big pieces of cheese.

He had ordered the cheese for his grocery.

Every time the stocks came in, Papa Rabbit sent a message to Papa Mouse.

He usually cut the edges of cheese pieces and gave them to Papa Mouse.

They were given to him free of charge.

The day Papa Mouse gets the message from Papa Rabbit is a day of celebration for the Mouse children.

Mama Mouse and their children wait anxiously till Papa Mouse returns.

They lived in an old tree trunk near the Deer house.

Papa Mouse thanked Papa Rabbit profusely after collecting the scraps of cheese.

"This is very nice of you" he said as usual.

"Oh, this is nothing!" said Papa Rabbit dismissively.

Papa Mouse hurried towards his house.

The Mouse children jumped out of the house and ran to welcome their father.

Papa Mouse entered the house with his children.

He gave the bag of cheese scraps to his wife.

After that Papa and his five children took their places at the dining table.

Mama Mouse placed the biggest piece of cheese piece on Papa Mouse's plate.

She divided the rest among the children and kept a piece for herself as well.

"Oh Papa, this is delicious!" said the children, munching on their cheese.

"It's very kind of Papa Rabbit to send them to you," Mama Rabbit reminded the children.

The children nodded their heads in agreement and continued to eat.