Sunday 4th of June 2017


Tarun and Nikhil came out of the shop.

They had come to the shop to buy a pair of socks for Tarun.

The two friends headed towards the bus stop afterwards.

Both of them were feeling hungry.

The bus stop was full of school children.

There were also a few teachers from Tarun's school.

Everyone was straining their necks to see whether a bus was coming.

After a while, a teenage boy walked in front of Nikhil and Tarun.

His hairstyle caught the attention of both boys.

It was dyed in several colours.

The boy had plugged his ears with earphones, listening to music.

He was wearing a bright yellow T-shirt.

Without looking at the road, he started to cross the road.

A cab was speeding towards him.

It halted with a loud screech.

The boy looked stunned.

A gentleman got off the cab.

He ordered the boy to take off his earphones.

Everyone was wondering what was going to happen.

The gentleman gave an earful of advice to the boy.

A few elders at the bus stop also joined the gentleman.

"You would have gotten killed if not for the brakes!" they told the boy.

He was quite embarrassed.

"At least hereafter, remove your earphones when you walk on public roads!" they told the boy.

"You would not even hear the honking of a horn otherwise," they explained.

The boy nodded his head.

Tarun's science teacher was among those who had gathered around the boy.

She walked back to the bus stop looking at the school children.

"Good lesson to you all too, to not make this mistake in the future!" she said looking at the


Tarun and Nikhil could not have agreed more.


Why did Tarun and Nikhil go to the shop?

What caught the attention of Tarun and Nikhil at the bus stop?

What was the advice the elders gave the teenage boy?