Visit To The Windmill

Sunday 21st of May 2017


It was a very exciting day for Charlie.

Charlie and his classmates were going to visit a windmill that day.

Charlie and his classmates had never seen a windmill.

They all boarded the school bus.

Their class teacher took the seat right behind the driver.

The rabbit boys started singing songs the moment the bus took off.

After about half an hour the bus stopped in front of a hillock.

Everyone got off.

"This pathway leads to the windmill. Please follow me!" the teacher told the boys.

Two by two, the boys followed the teacher down the pathway.

After about ten minutes, they reached the top of the hillock.

There stood an old windmill.

"This is so huge!" said Charlie.

"Yes, and about a hundred years old!" replied the teacher.

There was a little cottage, located a bit away from the mill.

A very old rabbit with a long beard came out of it.

"Here is Mr. Rodney, the owner of the mill!" the teacher introduced him.

"We have been using the mill for generations.." Mr. Rodney told the boys.

"How do you use it, Sir?" asked Charlie.

"Can you see those big mill blades?" asked Mr. Rodney.

"Yes!" the boys answered.

"When there’s adequate wind those blades start turning," Mr. Rodney started to explain.

"When the blades turn, they also turn the drive shaft inside the windmill!" he added.

Having said that, Mr. Rodney took the boys to the room inside the mill.

The boys could see the big drive shaft in the room.

"We use the mill power to grind grains and pump water," explained Mr. Rodney.

On the way back, the teacher explained the importance of harnessing wind energy.

He asked the students to write an essay on the windmill.

Charlie could not wait till he went home that day.

He wanted to share the information with his sister and parents.