Compost Pit

Wednesday 17th of May 2017

Compost pit 2

Amma and Thaththa were talking in the backyard.

"I think this place is better for the pit," said Amma.

"Yes!" agreed Thaththa.

Tara was in the pantry.

She was looking through the pantry window.

"Thaththa, what are you going to do there?" she asked.

"Come here!" Thaththa called her.

Tara ran to the backyard.

"We are trying to dig a small compost pit.." explained Thaththa.

"Why?" asked Tara.

"So that we can use kitchen waste for the plants as manure.." said Thaththa.

The kitchen waste was being piled up in bags for weeks now.

The urban council vehicles had not turned up to collect the garbage.

She had heard that the urban council was now refusing to collect kitchen waste.

So she too thought that a compost pit in the garden was a very good idea.

"How about other waste, Amma, like those plastic bags?" she asked.

Amma said that there was an announcement on plastic by the urban council.

"Plastic is to be collected by the urban council once in two weeks" she said.

"Knowing the urban council, they may collect it even more irregularly!" added Thaththa.

"So people may think it’s wise to use less plastic," explained Amma.

Tara smiled.

She knew that plastic was bad for the environment.

So she was glad that the usage of plastic was going to be reduced.


Which area of the house was decided by Tara’s parents for the compost pit?

Why had kitchen waste in bags been piled up for weeks?

Why did Tara feel glad when she heard that the usage of plastic was going to be reduced?