The Grateful Parrot

Sunday 14th of May 2017


Charlie was waiting for his friends.

Chubby and Willy were nowhere to be seen.

They had promised to come to the village ground at around 3:00PM.

Charlie lied down under a guava tree.

After some time he heard a sharp voice.

He looked up.

On a branch in the tree was a parrot.

"Do you remember me?" asked the parrot.

Charlie got up.

Of course, that was the injured parrot they took to her home recently.

It looked like she had recovered from the injury.

"Of course, I remember you!" replied Charlie.

"Thank you so much for all the help!" said the parrot girl.

"I saw you here when I was flying. So I came down.." she added.

Charlie smiled.

"I am waiting for my friends" he told the parrot.

"My friend Chubby will also be here in a little while" he informed her.

"Is that so? I will be back soon!" said the parrot, taking to wings.

She flew away and disappeared.

Charlie was surprised.

When Chubby and Willy joined him, he told them what happened.

"She must be a funny parrot" said Willy.

Willy had not seen the parrot yet.

The three friends got ready to play a game of cricket.

Chubby polished the ball before bowling.

Charlie got ready to bat.

All of a sudden he saw the parrot girl flying fast towards them.

She was carrying a ripe mango.

She aligned herself on Chubby’s shoulder and gave him the mango.

Chubby thanked her profusely.

She said bye to the three friends and flew away again.

Willy had to change his opinion on the parrot.

"She seems to be a good parrot" he said.

"She is being grateful to you two" he reminded Charlie and Chubby.

Charlie and Chubby agreed.

The three friends shared the mango and started the game of cricket.