Sunday 14th of May 2017


Tara and Thaththa hung the Vesak lanterns.

Tarun started lighting the candles in them.

When they were lit, the whole garden looked so beautiful.

"Tara, do you know why we observe Vesak?" asked Thaththa.

Tara knew it well.

She had learnt it in school.

"It marks the birth of Prince Siddhartha and enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha,"

replied Tara.

"Good!" said Thaththa, smiling.

Tara went to the temple with her parents and brother in the evening.

Near the temple, a group of girls was offering flowers to devotees, free of charge.

Another set of boys were offering free sherbet.

They pleaded with Tara, Tarun and their parents to have a sip.

Tara found the sherbet very tasty.

"Everyone has become kind and nice because of Vesak," she thought.

At the temple Tara kept looking at the Buddha statue after offering flowers.

"How kind Buddha looks" she thought.

She had always felt so every time she went to the temple.

"Amma, Buddha looks so kind in that big statue," she told Amma after leaving the temple.

"Yes, Buddha was very kind, Tara" replied Amma.

Tara had heard so many stories about Buddha’s kindness to children, elderly people and animals.

Thaththa joined the conversation.

"More than 2500 years have passed since Buddha’s passing away" he said.

"People still do good things on Vesak day because of his kindness and goodness" he added.

"The best thing one can do is to try and be kind and good everyday!" replied Amma.

Tara thought for a while.

"How nice it would be if everyone becomes kind and good everyday.." she wondered.


What was the group of girls doing near the temple?

Why do people do good things on Vesak day?

What, according to Amma, is the best thing one can do?