Heat Wave

Wednesday 10th of May 2017

Heat wave 4

The days kept getting hotter and hotter.

Tara did not even think of going into the garden.

She stayed indoors.

Amma had let Shadow, their pet dog, also stay in the house.

The kennel was too warm for him.

Tarun came to the pantry to drink some water.

"Why don't you also drink some water too, Tara?" asked Amma.

"I am not thirsty, Amma" replied Tara.

"It does not matter. Drink some. You need to stay hydrated in this weather!" replied Amma.

Tara dragged her feet to the water filter.

Thaththa joined their conversation.

"Yes, you better Tara. This is some heat wave!" he said.

"What is a heat wave Thaththa?" asked Tara.

"It's a wave of heat created when the pressure in higher atmosphere moves towards the ground,"

explained Thaththa.

"Then the ground temperature goes up" he added.

"How long do they last, Thaththa?" asked Tarun.

"From five days to weeks," replied Thaththa.

"That's why I asked you to wear light clothes at home," Amma reminded Tara and Tarun.

"You have to drink lots of water as you tend to sweat a lot," she said.

"When you sweat, you lose body water" she explained.

Thaththa said that it was best to stay indoors during the heat wave.

"Yes, the teachers asked us not to go to the ground too," recalled Tara.

"Since Shadow has a thick coat he must be feeling the heat a lot" said Tarun, patting Shadow's


"Yes that's why he is lying on the tiled floor" replied Thaththa.

"However, we are still quite lucky. In countries like Australia, heat waves very often trigger forest

fires" explained Thaththa.

"People get heat rashes and heat cramps also in those countries!" he added.

Tara was so glad that the situation in her country was not so bad.

"Even cold countries like Iceland get heat waves" said Thaththa.

Tara realized that she should always protect herself against heat waves.


Why did Amma let Shadow into the house?

Name three things one should do during a heat wave?

What do heat waves often trigger in Australia?