The Injured Parrot

Sunday 7th of May 2017


Charlie and Chubby were walking towards the meadow.

Some of their friends were flying kites there.

They got on to the pathway that led to the meadow.

Just then, they saw a funny sight.

Their friends the tortoise twins, Tubby and Teddy, were on the road.

One of them had a parrot on the shell.

"What's that?" Chubby asked Charlie.

"I don't know. That's quite funny!" said Charlie.

"Have they started a transport system for parrots?" asked an amused Chubby.

They got closer to the tortoise twins.

It was Teddy who had the parrot on his shell.

"Teddy, where are you off to?" asked Charlie.

Tubby and Teddy looked up.

"This injured parrot girl fell on our compound," Teddy started to explain.

"Papa wanted us to take her to her parents," he said.

Charlie bent down and had a closer look at the parrot.

The young parrot had an injured wing.

"Where is her home?" asked Chubby.

"She says she is the granddaughter of parrot grandma Imelda!" said Teddy.

"The one who lives near the cabbage farm?" asked Chubby.

"Yes, she says she lives with her parents and grandma!" replied Teddy.

"Oh dear, you will take the whole day to reach there!" pointed out Chubby.

The twins looked at Charlie and Chubby.

"Papa told us not to return without handing over the parrot girl to her family," the twins told their


Charlie and Chubby looked at each other.

"Chubby, can you carry the twins in your hands?" asked Charlie.

Chubby readily agreed.

He knew that Charlie was too small in size to carry even one tortoise.

So Chubby picked the two tortoises.

Charlie took the parrot from Teddy's shell.

They all proceeded towards the cabbage farm.