Sunday 7th of May 2017

Drizzle 5

Raindrops were splattering against the roof.

Everyone in the classroom was disappointed.

It was interval time.

Some were planning to go to the ground.

Others, including Tara, wanted to go to the canteen.

She loved the milk toffees there.

All of a sudden, quite unexpectedly, the rain ceased.

The girls ran out of the class.

Some went to the ground.

Tara, Amanda and Anjula ran towards the canteen.

They lined up waiting to buy milk toffees.

As they bought them, it started to drizzle again.

Tara and Anjula started running across the garden.

Amanda hesitated.

"It’s raining. Shall we wait?" she shouted at Tara and Anjula.

"It’s only drizzling" insisted Tara, turning back.

Anjula walked up to Amanda.

"You won’t fall sick Amanda, join us!" said Anjula.

"Get used to running in the drizzle. I even run in the rain!" said Anjula.

Tara held Amanda’s hand.

Anjula took the other.

The three friends ran across the ground.

So many others were also doing the same.

Once they came to class, Amanda took her face towel from her bag.

She wiped the thin raindrops which were on her face and hands.

Tara just wiped her face.

Anjula did not even do that.

By the time the last bell rang Amanda felt relieved.

She found that she had not sneezed or coughed even once after the run.

When she told that to Tara she laughed.

"It’s just a matter of getting used to!" explained Tara.

Amanda agreed.

She realized that just a few drops of drizzle on one's body won't do any harm.


What was Tara planning to do during the interval?

What did Amanda do once she reached the classroom from the canteen?

What did Amanda realize finally?