Construction Site

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017


A new building was coming up in the school compound.

It was going to be the auditorium of the school.

The students saw the site only when the new term had begun.

Tarun and his friends were excited.

"Shall we go to the site?" Tarun asked Nikhil.

"There are boards saying that students should not enter the site" reminded Nikhil.

Tarun looked at the others.

"So instead of entering the site, let's go around it?" suggested Pavan, another classmate.

"Yes, no one has said that we should not have a look.." said Pavan's friend Aditya.

Nikhil was still against it.

"Better not.." insisted Nikhil.

"Why?" asked the others.

"There are boards warning that things may fall from the roof!" he said.

Nikhil decided to stay back.

He looked at Tarun sternly.

Tarun was in two minds.

However, out of curiosity he joined the others.

"It's silly of you to disobey the orders of the principal!" Nikhil reminded Tarun just as he was


Pavan, Aditya and Tarun quietly walked towards the site.

The work was going on at full speed.

So many people were working in the site.

Suddenly, something watery fell down from the roof!

It fell right in front of the boys, thus sprinkling the boys with some of it.

"Oh cement..." said a horrified Pavan, trying to wipe it from his shirt.

Tarun too had some on his shirt.

Pavan and Tarun turned back and ran to the washroom.

They tried to wash off the cement on their shirts.

Aditya came back to class and told what had happened at the site.

Tarun and Pavan walked into the class after some time.

Tarun looked at Nikhil with a guilt-stricken face.

"You were right, we should not have gone there.." he told Nikhil softly.

Nikhil had a look at Tarun's shirt and shook his head.

"At least learn a lesson from this!" said Nikhil.


What was the new building meant to be?

Why did Nikhil discourage his classmates from entering the site?

Why did Tarun look at Nikhil with a guilt-stricken face?