The Monkey Swing

Sunday 30th of April 2017


Willy and his cousin Bill were playing cricket.

They were getting bored.

There was no one else to join them.

Bill saw Charlie walking towards them.

Both Bill and Willy ran towards their friend.

Charlie was happy to see them too.

"Join us for a game of cricket!" Willy invited Charlie.

However, Charlie was not interested in cricket.

"Papa did not make a swing for me this holiday" he said with a glum face.

"Why?" asked Willy.

Papa Rabbit used to make a swing for Charlie and Curly every holiday.

"Papa was busy" said Charlie looking down.

The two monkey boys felt sorry for their friend.

They wondered what to do.

The three friends sat down and thought for a while.

Bill got an idea.

He got up and climbed the lowest branch of the guava tree.

Charlie and Willy wondered what he was going to do.

Bill held on to the branch with his hands and dangled his legs down.

"Willy, can you lift Charlie up?" he asked.

"For what?" asked a surprised Charlie.

"You hold on to my legs with your hands and I will swing you" said Bill.

Charlie looked at Willy.

Not a bad idea, they both thought.

Willy lifted Charlie up.

Charlie caught Bill's legs.

Bill started swinging himself with the arms.

Charlie was going up every time Bill rocked.

He was jubilant.

"Wow, this is super!" he said loudly.

Willy clapped and joined the fun.